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4 Creative Confetti Ideas

Some of the most iconic images from wedding pictures feature flying confetti and it is a tradition embraced by guests at wedding parties all over the world. Often the confetti is thrown as the bride and groom emerge from the ceremony, and it is often thrown again as they depart the reception with balloons and tin cans tied to the back of the car, emblazoned just married. So, without doubt it is an integral part of a big day. The only issue is that traditional paper coffetti is not always the most environmentally friendly, so if you are wanting to keep things green, we have come up with some great alternative that still give you the confetti pictures and guest participation you want to see when you look back at through your albums or rewatch the wedding video.

1. Leaves Glorious Leaves

Throwing leaves is a great way to be kind to the environment as they are a natural waste product that falls from trees and ends up back in the soil. You can also use this to be creative and, if children are invited to the wedding, it is a great fun activity for them to make the leaf confetti in advance. If you are attending a wedding in autumn, the fallen leaves create a fantastic tonal palette that suits the season, collect the leaves a little in advance and bring them inside to dry. Some people love the whole shape of the leaf, and this is great, but if you want to get creative, consider craft punches and cut out little hearts and other shapes. It is easy to bag up your natural confetti in a paper bag, and you have a perfect alternative.

2. Bubble Confetti

If you want to leave no trace of your festivities, or the wedding is taking place somewhere that confetti could cause an issue, why not consider bubbles! You can leave small bubble containers at the door, and guests can collect them as they come in, ready to shower you bubbly-love as you leave the church or hall as a newly married couple. There is nothing left behind, and the iridescent shimmer of bubbles creates amazing light reflections in the photos, especially on a sunny day. Kids simply love bubbles, but do not let your adult guests fool you; trust us, they will have as much fun as the little ones blowing their bubbles!

3. Bird Seed

Birdseed could be the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional confetti if you plan an outdoor wedding. The local wildlife will be in their element, and there is nothing to damage the surrounding area. The birds will be delighted to clean up after you!

4. Glitter

Finally, if you want to create some amazing pictures, you could consider glitter. But, to be kind to the environment, it is essential that you use biodegradable glitter that is easy to find. If you plan on having an alternative to confetti, be sure to state this on your wedding invites, so guests know they will be given your choice and not just bring their paper versions.


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